Friday, October 21, 2011


Once I was sleeping in until 11:43 when Mom called, “Gus, time for school!” I woke up, grumbling. So I went downstairs, pretended to make myself a bowl of cereal, and took the toy out instead of eating because it was so close to lunch time.
Then I went into the school room and did school. You see, I don’t go to regular school where I have to wait like five minutes to do one question just for some kid to say, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, what was the question again?” all day. I get home schooled, by K12. You should try it. You want to know WHY I switched to home schooling? Well, my Mom says I was ahead of the school because I was already reading 700 paged books and I got all A’s. I can be in my pajamas all day now.
Halfway through school, my Mom got bored of teaching me and said, “Fire drill!” So, I went outside for a half an hour waiting for Mom to say it was okay to come in. Then I looked inside through the window and she was drinking her coffee and chatting with her friends on Facebook. So I went back inside and did the rest of school.
After my sister got home we went on a walk. I rode on my skateboard. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I’m a really good skateboarder. I can finally do an ollie (jump with skateboard)! I’m working on doing a kick flip (look it up, people).

           The next day I was sitting on the couch, with a cast on my leg. I was trying to do a kick flip, when my left leg bent the wrong way. So basically all I did was sit around the house, doing school. My day was REALLY boring.
The next week my leg was better. It was a weekend, so I had no school. Then my Dad asked if I would like to go fishing, and I said yes. So, we went fishing at my friend’s house. Her name is Ella. I caught three bass, five blue gills, and two sunfish. My dad caught FIVE bass, seven blue gills, six sunfish, and one trout. Plus, a frog. Then we went home.

The End!
This story is partly true. I home school and I am a good skater.
I didn’t sprain my leg and my Mom didn’t make me wait outside.


  1. My Mom also loves Facebook! :0 That's bad, right? :(

  2. I looked it up...a kick flip! You must be really good!!! I love your stories, Gus...keep on writing!

  3. Hey Gus!! I've been practicing, and I got my ollie AND kick flip!!! It took forever...;D but I studied how to do it any everything!