Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rosco and Gus - The First Story

Once there was a kid named Gus. He was so close! “Good job kid! Your time is 19 minutes and 34 seconds!” He had just won first place in the 5K! He stayed for prizes and got a bike! It was the best day of his life! Then he rode his bike home.

The next day he was out riding his new bike. Then he heard barking and yelping! It was a dog!  He followed the sound until he got there. It was the rotten school bullies! They were throwing stones at a dog! He must have been a guard dog because he was protecting something behind a broken fence. “Leave him alone!” Gus said. They stopped. Good Mission accomplished. But did it just make everything worse? Then they grabbed him. That would be a Yes. With a capital Y. Then they threw him into a big puddle. Then they threw his bike in front of a car. Then it fell off of it. Good, it wasn’t damaged. But Gus was. His left wrist bent backwards. He had sprained it.

Two weeks after his wrist was better. He rode back to the place where he sprained it with dog food and water. He gave it to the dog and the dog ate it quickly. As he ate Gus saw that his ribs showed. Good thing that he brought extra.

The next day he went to visit the dog again. This time the dog came right to him. “Good dog” Gus took some meat out of his pocket. The dog wagged his tail. It ate it out Gus’s hand through the fence. Gus took a paperclip out of his pocket. Then he unlocked the door. The dog came out and licked Gus. Then he went through the fence door to see what the dog was guarding. He picked up a bag. It was full of real gold! Then he walk home with the dog and gold. He decided to name the dog Rosco. They were best friends! The dog loved Gus!

                                    The End

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  1. Dogs are the best of friends, and this is a great story, Gus. Well done...keep writing!