Thursday, September 22, 2011

River and Ruff

Once there were two dogs named River and Ruff. They were best friends. Once their family was going on a road trip to Colorado to visit their friend Jay. Then they got in the car. A few hours later they stopped. It was a farm! It was Ruff’s favorite place. There were chicken, cows, sheep, hogs, and goats. Ruff went in the sheep barn. “Hey what happened to you baldy?” Ruff thought. River just lied down. Did I mention River is old and wise? Then their family sat down next to River and talked to their farmer friend. While they were doing that Ruff was in the goat barn. One goat saw him and tried to ram into him. “Whoa! I’m out of here!” Ruff thought. Next was the chicken pen. Before he got in he saw the car moving. “Oh no! They’re leaving!” River ran after too. Even if he was old, he could run. They had left. “Here River! Here Ruff!” the farmer said. “Well, she is nice. She has food too” Ruff thought. So he went back to the chicken pen. He chased around a few and then found a giant rooster! “Whoa Godzilla on the loose! Ahhhhhhhh!” Then the giant rooster chased him. Then he hid in the farmer’s house. “River, Ruff! Lunch!” the farmer called. Then they ate. A few days later the farmer left for a few weeks. She wrote a note to the man who was going to take care of the farm but the dogs didn’t see it. “Wait, something isn’t right.” said River.  Then he started to go over the fence. “Wait, River what are you doing?!” “I’m going home” River said. “Well I’m staying here. They will come back” Ruff said. But then Ruff saw the giant rooster coming. “Hey, wait for me!” Ruff said. Then he went with River. “Finally decided to come pup? I’d say you were afraid of the rooster” River said. “No way! I…I… I want to be your guard dog and protect you”, Ruff lied. River laughed. Then they saw something move ahead of them. It was a cat! “Oh help me please! I heard my owner is in Colorado! Where are you going?” the cat said. “Were heading to Colorado too! Want to come along?” River said. “Oh by the way the way my name is Merlot.” ,The cat said. So she went with them. They stopped at a pond to eat. “Merlot, could you catch some fish?” River said. Merlot did. But Ruff tried to catch something too. “Ow! Something pinched my nose!” Ruff said. It was a crayfish. River and Merlot laughed. Ruff ate the fish already caught. After eating they went on. It soon got dark and they had to find somewhere to sleep. Ruff found a log. Then he got sprayed by a skunk. Merlot found a big tree and climbed up. Ruff tried to climb up too. He couldn’t. River found a big hay stack. He jumped in. Ruff and Merlot jumped in too. Then they fell asleep. The next day they found a big river. “We have no other choice but to swim across” River said. “Well I will find another way to cross” Merlot said. She found a log and crossed over the river. Then she found the dogs. They walked until they found a pond. Merlot caught some more fish. Ruff looked around and found a beaver. “Hey what are you a furry nail filer?” Ruff joked. Then he got slapped in the face by the beaver’s tail. He kept on looking. He found a few baby bears. He chased them. They ran away and climbed up a tree. “Hey guys, did you see the look on their face?!” Ruff laughed. But there was the mother grizzly bear was behind him. Ruff saw her and ran away. They slept in a skunk-proof log that night. The next morning they heard a little girl crying. River checked it out. It WAS a little girl! But who was with her? He looked around. Nobody was. Then he heard people. He called for Ruff and Merlot. The people were looking for the girl. They barked and meowed until the people came they took the girl. Two police officers walked over to them. “Wait. These are the lost pets!” one officer said. Then they took them back to Colorado. Merlot belonged to Jay! Ruff and River were taken back home by their owners. “What is that smell?!” they said. It was Ruff.


  1. Wow!This story is so cute!

  2. Thanks, Gus...that story means a ton to me! I really miss Merlot...she died a month or so ago. Buried her up on the mountain.