Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Once it was Halloween night. A sixteen year old teenager named Griffon was out trick-or-treating when he walked up to a house. It had really scary decorations – at least he thought they were decorations. The porch light was on, so he walked up and rang the doorbell. Then the porch light turned off. He thought the person living there turned it off on purpose, but the light just shorted out.
So Griffon went back home, got some eggs and toilet paper, and went back to that house. He threw the eggs and toilet paper at the house. He heard a loud grunt, and a rug shot out and wrapped around him like a tongue! He couldn’t scream because the tongue-like rug was covering his mouth. The rug took him inside the house and dropped him on the floor. He tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. Griffon was a football player so he tried his tackle. The door would not budge. Then a deep voice said, “Find the back door… Mwahahahaha!” so he went to find the back door.
He went into the next room which happened to be the living room. It was dark and creepy with spider webs everywhere. He kept on walking when he stepped on something gross. It was a tarantula! Griffon ran away from it quickly. The next room was covered with blood! It was the kitchen. There was a guy sitting at the table. He heard the deep voice again, and it said, “I have many people staying with me…You might want to be careful!” The guy at the table said, “I am Doctor K. Illing. Would you like some finger food?” Griffon shook his head. He ran out of that room and was stopped by a cloaked figure with a large knife. He pushed the cloaked figure over and ran to the next room. It was a bedroom. There were three coffins on the floor. Griffon heard hissing. He looked up and saw three vampires  - one mom, one dad, and one boy. He ran out of that room as fast as he could.
The next room was the bathroom. Griffon had to go to the bathroom after all that. So he lifted the toilet seat up, and out popped a Reaper and scary guy in a hockey mask with a chainsaw covered with poop! They smelled AWFUL! Then Griffon peed his pants. He ran to the winding stairs in the bathroom and went up to the next room.
A person was waiting who said, “Well done, well done! You survived! Here is the back door.” It was the guy with the deep voice! Griffon went out the back door. But then he remembered that he was upstairs and there were no stairs to get outside. Then the guy with the deep voice threw an egg at Griffon. Griffon fell out the back door! Then the guy with the deep voice whistled and two Pit-bulls chased Griffon around! Then the Pit-bulls got him!
Griffon woke up. It was a dream! But his bed was wet. He peed in his bed! Ever since that dream, he slept with his parents.


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