Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The Kid and Father

          Once there was a kid named Hawk Jones. He was nine years old. He lived in Grayling forest. Hawk was an orphan and he ran away from the orphanage. The only thing he brought with him was his pocket-knife. Hawk lived in a small cave. He had animal friends. Their names were Croakus the frog, Lightning the fish, Shadow the stray dog, and Beakers the hawk. Hawk had Shadow as a pet. Shadow was a good dog and he loved Hawk very much. Hawk made Shadow a bed of hay he found. Hawk’s bed was made of soft bark. He stripped the bark off with his knife. He also knew how to lash. It’s a special way of tying something together. Hawk lashed up a raft to get across the river.

This next part is about a kid walking with his father in Grayling forest and meets Hawk.

Once Hawk was getting water from the creek for him and Shadow. While Hawk was doing that a little kid named Johnny asked his dad if they could go walk in Grayling forest. “Sure, we can walk in the forest, son.” So they went to walk in the forest.
          A little while later Johnny got thirsty. “Dad, can I get a drink from the creek, please?” “Sure” While Johnny was getting a drink, Johnny thought he heard a bush shake and froze. Then he heard it again. Johnny saw toes sticking out of the bushes. So he walked over to the bush and slowly pulled back the branches-and saw Hawk! They both screamed and ran away.
Johnny told his dad what happened and said they should try to find him. So they followed his footprints and found him! They all ran. Hawk ran over to his raft and jumped on. He paddled across very fast. Johnny and his dad couldn’t get across so they found another way. They found a big log and rolled it over to the river. Then they crossed and found Hawk and chased him again.
Then Hawk climbed up a tree like Nutty the squirrel taught him. It was good for Johnny and his dad because they had brought their rope with them. Johnny threw the rope up on a branch and climbed up. Then Hawk whistled for Beakers and jumped. Then Beakers appeared and caught Hawk with his claws and flew away with Hawk. Beakers dropped Hawk at Hawk’s cave.
All day Hawk thought about what happened and then jumped on Shadow and rode on him until he found the people (Johnny and his dad). He didn’t run away this time. He decided they were nice and wanted to talk to them. So he talked to them until Shadow was hungry. Hawk said good-bye and rode on Shadow back home. You want to know what happened when Hawk talked to Johnny and Johnny’s dad? They became friends.


1 The Kid and Father
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