Saturday, October 22, 2011

OUR TRIP OUT WEST (2009) - Part One

        On our trip out west was very exciting! First, we rented a mini-van. Man, it was dirty! We even found a French fry in the trunk! So we brought it home and cleaned it out.    
We left at 10:00 PM on Friday night. We started out to Boulder, Colorado first to meet our friend Jay. On the way there, we stopped for gas and the bathroom in Minooka, Illinois. Then we all fell asleep there. Every 30 or 40 minutes, I woke up complaining that I was uncomfortable (I regret that). During the night at about 2:00 AM, we saw a car going full speed while carrying a mattress on its hood! 

I was only 6 when I drew this. I am a MUCH better drawer now.

     The next day, we went through Iowa and made it to Nebraska. In Nebraska, we saw a few Crop Dusters. One went so low that it skimmed the crops! I drew a picture of it. It was hard because it was moving so fast. I managed to do it anyway. Then we stopped for lunch at Taco John’s in York, Nebraska. While we were there, I decided to act up (I regret that, too). Then my Dad said, “Don’t make me make a scene in front of all these people and spank you!” And I replied, “That’s a bit drastic, don’t you think?” Shelby and Mommy burst out laughing, probably thinking, at only six years old, where the heck does he come up with this stuff?
We finally made it to Colorado, where we were looking for a restaurant to celebrate Shelby’s Birthday. We invited Jay and his Australian friend, Bec. We found a Red Lobster and waited for Jay. After celebrating, we followed Jay to his apartment. Jay and I played with my army guys and talked. We slept at his apartment and woke up the next morning at about 9:00 AM, and decided to let Jay sleep, and wrote a note goodbye and left :(.We all had a good time with Jay, but it was time to continue our adventure.

This story is true. You can ask Jay and he’ll say it happened- If he remembers. There will be more of this story.


  1. Good job Gus, I loved the true story!!!

  2. Hey people, I just got my first pocket-knife! :D