Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Head Birdy

Once there was a bird named Red Robin. He was in school, doing really hard math facts. Then the school bell rang. Well, at least they thought it did. It was actually a wood pecker, screwing into a broken plate. Since the bell rang Red Robin tried to fly out of school. You see, he had a hard time flying since he had a REALLY big head. So, he just crashed into the ground. He walked instead. His nest was on the ground since it fell out of a dead tree. It was also built poorly. He, got home, did some advanced homework, and went outside to outsmart some stupid squirrels.
He finally saw some, and these squirrels were REALLY stupid. One was hanging on a birdfeeder with his feet, spinning. Another was climbing up a tree and falling over and over. The third one was trying to climb up a roof for some nuts on top. Then the third one fell off the roof. Then Red Robin chirped loudly. The squirrels stopped what they were doing to look. Then Red Robin climbed up the house, and grabbed the nuts that were on the roof, waited for the squirrels to come up, and threw them onto another nearby squirrel. The three squirrels jumped off the roof, and landed on the other squirrel. Then a dog went CRAZY, chasing the squirrels. The squirrels ran out of sight, with the dog, and behind the dog was its owner, dragging behind since he was still holding onto the leash. Then Red Robin went home.
When he got home his mom said, “Robin, we have to go to a doctor to see about that head.” So they went to a doctor. When they got there, the doctor took a few X-rays and said, “It’s okay. He just has a big head because he has a big brain. In other words he’s very smart. Robin, what’s 78 x 89?”
“6,942,” Robin answered. That was right.
The next day, he signed up for flying lessons. Then he went to flying lessons. The first thing he did was exercise his wings. He did what he was told. He was given a bag full of a lot of feathers. He was told to put them in and try to hover above the ground flapping his wings very fast. He did. It did not work.
Then he went home. Then he thought of something. If his head was really heavy, what could he do to make the rest of his body the same weight? He tried leaves, twigs, a few walnuts, a broken pencil, and 5-doller bill. He dropped the bill. It landed by someone and the guy must’ve thought money was raining from the sky. None of Red Robin’s plans worked.
So he found a squirrel to mess with, and sat on him like a horse. The squirrel hesitated, then climbed up a really tall tree, and jumped off. Robin freaked out! He was afraid to jump and afraid to stay on and land hard. He stayed on. Then the squirrel stretched out its arms. There was extra skin between the squirrel’s arms and legs! It glided around and landed softly. It was a flying squirrel! He kept him. He could finally fly! He named it Rudder - Rocky, for a nickname. He and Rocky became the best flying animals in the world!

Rocky was my Dad's pet flying squirrel's name when he was a kid.

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  1. Bet Robin's head was so heavy from all those hard math facts!