Monday, January 2, 2012

River - Lightening's Little Brother

Once there was a fish named River. He was a Brook Trout, like his older brother, Lightning. One time he was in school. He was waiting for the bell to ring. RRIIIINNNGGG! It was summer! Then he swam home with his friends. When he got home, he put his stuff away and swam back outside. He was going to do a friendly contest with his friends to see who could make the most fishermen fall into the water. River got the most - eighteen. His prize was a pass to the Fish Amusement Park, that had been found in the school trash can.
The next day was the Fish Olympics. He wanted to be like his older brother. River entered in Who could swim the fastest, Who could jump the highest, Who could pull the most fishermen while being timed, and Who could eat and drink the most sugar, but that one would be tomorrow. He won Who could swim the fastest, Who could jump the highest, and got second place in Who could pull in the most fishermen. His mom and Flash won the cutest baby contest.
After the Fish Olympics, River went to the Fish Amusement Park. He rode Moss Rider, Lilly Pad Bumper Boats, and the new Straw Roller Coaster, which was a drinking straw somebody threw into the water.
The next day, River was back at the Olympics. He did Who could eat and drink the most sugar. He won, but then he couldn’t stop moving! He crashed through his house! Then he finally stopped at an old town. Nobody was there. Then he heard a bark. He saw a dogfish! It came over and licked him. He liked River! He rode him back home.
River decided to name the dogfish Gill. River hoped his family liked him. “Doggy,” said Flash when he got home. “River, why did you bring a dog home?” Mom said. “ I brought him home with me because he likes me. I named him Gill,” River answered. “If Lightning and Flash like him, he can stay,” Dad said. “Whoa! A dog! Where did he come from? I like him already!” Lightning said coming in. “Me like doggy,” said Flash. “River found him. I guess he can stay,” said Mom. Gill barked. His bark meant to say, “Yahoo! People love me!”

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