Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr. Dan Gerous

Dr. Dan Gerous

Dr. Dan Gerous
Nurse Odd
Sewer Man
Pogo Gun Guy

Dr. Dan Gerous: Well, It’s time for your surgery, patient!
Patient: (Nervously) Uh, are you sure you’re a doctor?
Dr. Dan is holding a fake chainsaw.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Of coarse I’m a doctor!
Dr. Dan Gerous turns the chainsaw on and puts it over the patient’s legs.
Nurse Odd: Um, sir, the patient’s surgery is up in his stomach.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Oh, my bad!
Patient: Actually, my surgery is in my hip.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Don’t correct me, I’m the doctor here!
Dr. Dan Gerous pretends to cut into the patient’s stomach by pressing on it with the fake chainsaw.
Patient: (SCREAM!)
Dr. Dan Gerous: What did you eat?! It looks like you ate a raw fish!
Dr. Dan Gerous touches the fake food lying on the patient’s stomach.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Okay, sir, there’s nothing wrong with your stomach. Now, I’m going to stitch your stomach closed now.
Nurse Odd hands some colorful yarn to Dr. Dan Gerous and he pretends to stitch the patient’s stomach together.
Dr. Dan Gerous: I’m feeling like I’m sewing together a blanket!
When Dr. Dan Gerous is done, Nurse Odd takes away the patient.
Dr. Dan Gerous: What’s that noise? It sounds like it’s coming from the sewer lid in here…
A man pushes away the cardboard lid and scrambles onto the floor. The sewer man has a fake rat in his hair.
Dr. Dan Gerous: So what are you in for, sir?
Dr. Dan Gerous pulls the sewer man out and lays him on the floor.
Sewer Man: No! I don’t have any health problems!
Dr. Dan Gerous: Stay still while I do your surgery!
Dr. Dan Gerous puts some duck tape over the sewer man’s mouth.
Dr. Dan Gerous takes a fake knife from a desk and pretends to cut into the man. The man gets away just in time before Dr. Dan Gerous pretends to cut into him and takes the duck tape off his mouth.
Sewer Man: You are a crazy man!
Dr. Dan Gerous: Get back here!
Sewer man jumps out of a window.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Great, a lost patient!
Nurse Odd: There’s another sound. It sounds like a gun!
Pogo Gun Guy: Hey, people, look at me! I invented a shotgun pogo stick! Whoa! (Use a regular pogo stick and paint it like a gun)
Pogo Gun Guy falls and fake shotgun flies into the window!
Bullet shoots out of gun and hits a mirror. (Pretend like a bullet shot)
Hitting the mirror makes it bounce off and fly back out mirror.
Dr. Dan Gerous: Sir! Look out for the bullet!
Pogo Gun Guy: What? A bullet!
Pogo gun guy jumps away from where he is like a bullet is coming toward where he was.
Pogo Gun Guy: Thanks, doc!
Dr. Dan Gerous: Any day! So, you’re in for crazy-ness.
Come in here!
Pogo Gun Guy: No! I’m getting out of here!
Dr. Dan Gerous: Oh no, you AREN’T!
Dr. Dan Gerous chases Pogo Gun Guy across stage.

(Curtains close)

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