Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosco and Gus 2

Once there were two best friends named Gus and Rosco. They were playing ball outside. “Go get the ball boy, and throw!” Gus said. He taught Rosco how to throw a ball. Then Gus hit the ball over two houses. “Uh, oh. We lost our ball…. But Yay! Home run!” Then dad said, “Gus, go get that ball!” So they went to find it.
Then Rosco smelled it! He got it! Gus said, “Throw it!” Then he threw it. But the wrong way! It rolled into a scientist’s lab. They got it! But they were standing on something. A glass tube went up! “Help!” They felt a shock. Not a painful one, it actually felt good. They started to float! Then Rosco thought of a squirrel. He turned into one! Then he turned back. He was standing on his hind legs! He barked. Well, not exactly a bark a,” What happened?” He could talk! Gus turned into a tree and back. When they got out, Gus ran around panicking. “Whoa, slow down Gus!” Rosco said. Gus had super fast running too! They were super heroes! They walked home. “Rosco, when we get home, act like a normal dog, and don’t think of any animals, OK?” Gus said.” Bark bark” Rosco said annoyed.
They finally got there. “Hi mom and dad. We found the ball. Can we go on another walk for…. About two hours?” “Sure,” they said. So they went. Next they flew into the air.  They went to the Paper and pen company. They made flyers that said, New Superhero’s In Town! So they hung them up. The next day they heard cries for help. They went to see what was going on. It was actually the scientist! The scientist took them back to his lab. He tried to take the super powers away. He couldn’t. So, he just sat there and cried. While he was whining, Gus and Rosco snuck out. They had kept their powers and helped fight crime. They were super hero’s forever!

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